About Us

We serve those who serve others.  We are a consulting firm that believes in service, innovation, and integrity.  At Innovo we apply our precision, quality of work, and mission-oriented focus to your organization.

Why We Exist

OUR VISION is to be a premiere knowledge center for service-based organizations that desire to impact the world.

OUR MISSION is to provide innovative strategies and problem-solving techniques to increase an organization’s performance and capacity to execute their mission.

Our Values

We come from a heritage of military service.  Now, we want to serve you—your mission is our mission.

Highly regulated environments can be cumbersome.  We create innovative methods for breakthrough performance.

Highly regulated environments can be cumbersome.  We create innovative methods for breakthrough performance.

At Innovo, profit is secondary to integrity.  We remain committed to ethical business practices as we ensure the success of our clients.


Your Team

Davede Alexander is the founder and CEO of Innovo.  He has a prominent reputation for leadership and specializes in strategy and hard-to-reach markets.  Offered a Brand Management position by Proctor and Gamble in 2008, Davede instead remained with the U.S. Naval Academy to establish a marketing department.  Under his leadership, that department became the Office of Strategic Outreach in which he was its first Director. He provided a strategic vision that led to seamless departmental integration, improved fiscal management, and created the successful and widely acclaimed outreach initiative that helped the Academy meet and exceed its candidate pool objectives.  Davede’s success at the Academy garnered widespread attention from numerous companies and organizations that desired the same results. The strategic, management, and branding expertise he provided are the exclusive added value that Innovo brings to clients.

Davede was awarded the distinguished Black Engineer of the Year Award for Diversity Leadership in Government and is a sought after advisor and consultant.  He served as a Naval Officer in various leadership positions from 2001 to 2008 during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Mr. Alexander earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the U.S. Naval Academy and competed as a Division I football player.

Danielle brings a wealth of leadership and management expertise to Innovo.  She served as a Human Resources Executive Team Lead for TARGET. As the HR department leader, she ensured quality hiring and employee relations for her store.  On behalf of the General Manager, she oversaw and directed daily operations. At the U.S. Naval Academy, Danielle served as Assistant Director of Strategic Outreach for the Office of Admissions.  Her clear vision and marketing strategy led to successful brand awareness and a record number of applicants. She spearheaded outreach initiatives and led a program that brought more than 2,600 middle and high school students to the U.S. Naval Academy every year.      

Danielle served in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Training Officer where she led the training and ensured the operational readiness of four guided missile destroyers.  She directed the movement of air assets and surface ships during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Danielle earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from the Naval Academy and was a Division I track & field athlete.

Allison Costa is an Account/Program Manager at Innovo Strategic Solutions. Her military mindset and background coupled with her business function knowledge make her a key component to the Innovo Team. In her previous role as a Senior Out-bounding Production Manager at Marleylilly, she spearheaded an innovative overhaul of the entire fulfillment department. She introduced a robotics system into the company and improved overall fulfillment productivity and output by 35%. Through the use of 5S and lean business practices, she was able to save the company over $1M in materials and shipping costs. While operating at USNA, as an Officer in the Strategic Outreach department, Allison aided in developing the nation-wide branding strategy and action items for the newly established department. 

Allison is a detail-oriented leader that has proven her ability to see a problem, analyze the situation, and come up with a workable solution. She has done this both in her time in the U.S. Marine Corps and as a civilian. While in the Marines, she was put in a multitude of roles that she quickly learned and worked to improve processes within. She is constantly looking to improve herself and gain more knowledge to help her clients. She received her undergraduate degree from the United States Naval Academy with a BS in Political Science, while also competing as the captain of her Division I basketball team. Since then she attained her MBA in Project Management as well as her 5S certification.

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