The team that forms the core of Innovo has extensive experience in recruiting and marketing from a strategic perspective. That team honed their skills establishing an outreach and recruiting department at the United States Naval Academy (USNA). USNA hired Davede Alexander to assemble and lead a team of professionals within the Office of Admissions. They created innovative ways to pierce seemingly impenetrable markets. The results from the Strategic Outreach team exploded beyond expectations as they expanded the pool of applicants by nearly 45% within a year. They established nationally recognized summer programs, further extending USNA’s recruiting pipeline. In three short years that team of professionals helped USNA set new records in applications, established new programs, and developed a reputation for highly effective, innovative accession programs and strategies. Members of that team eventually moved on from USNA serving as HR executive team leaders and consultants for other organizations. The core of that team would later reunite to form Innovo Strategic Solutions, LLC in 2012.